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With Amara Flash Menu Maker you can create professional Flash buttons and menus for your
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18 September 2009

Editor's review

With the mounting use of e-commerce, websites have turned out to be virtual marketplace for users. Increasingly websites are being designed to attract the attention of the web surfers and in doing so we need to give focus on the menu as it is undoubtedly a very important part of any website. An impressively designed menu often tempts us to navigate through the entire website. If you’re also searching for such an application, then you can try out Amara Menu and Button Maker 2.9. It helps you in creating professional flash menu and buttons easily, to make your website attractive and navigation better. It supports the creation of scrolling menus, navigation bars, and sub menus for your Flash project or website. The interface of the program is intuitive and the feature-set is extremely easy to operate. To work with the program the users need not possess any technical and flash skills.

By using the Amara Menu and Button Maker 2.9 tool, you can create scrolling web menus with as many buttons as you want. To form a menu or button you need to select a template for further modifications. Selecting the templates you can easily customize them for desired modifications. You can easily scale the length of the sub menus and button as per entered text. It supports the creation of different type of menus or buttons, such as 2D, 3D, glossy, simple flat, etc. While modifying the menus or buttons you can enter the desired text on each of them and change their properties. You can make changes to the font and the color of the menu and buttons to make them suitable for your website. You can select the menus with different effects and even customize their mouse over and mouse down properties. It also supports importing background picture, music, and sound effects, etc. With various more features to go you can create large variety of menus and buttons as per your requirements.

Amara Menu and Button Maker 2.9 is an integration of large number of instrumental features and customizable settings that make the menus and buttons creation process easy and interesting. It is rated with 4 points for the interactive interface, easily navigable options, and resulting menus and buttons that are easy to publish with your website.

Publisher's description

With Amara Flash Menu Maker you can create professional Flash buttons and menus for your web site fast and
easily. All the Flash buttons and Flash menus, you can now make yourself in minutes. Create navigation bars,
scrolling menus and sub menus in minutes for your website or Flash project. Amara Menu Maker is extremely
user-friendly. The user interface guides you through the quick and easy steps and you will understand how it works
immediately. No Flash or programming skills are required. Amara Menu Maker allows you to create scrolling
web menus with an unlimited number of web buttons. Further you can add sub menus and each button can be
scaled up to the length of the button text entered.
Amara Flash Menu Maker has a wide range of web buttons and web menus you can choose from to fit your web
design, e.g. 3D, glossy, 2D, or a simple flat button. On top of this, you can choose your own color to match the
specific color of your website or corporate housestyle, and use your own font. The possibilities are endless.
Amara Menu Maker will help you to make the impact you need to draw and impress your visitors!
Amara Menu Maker allows you to import your own background picture, background music, and mouseover and mouse down sound effects.
Amara Menu and Button Maker
Amara Menu and Button Maker
Version 3.2
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